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Case Study

White Swan Hotel

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     Majestically overlooking the scenic Pearl River from its location on historic Shamian Island, the WHITE SWAN HOTEL is an oasis of tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of the city. As a welcoming entrance, the impressive Atrium lobby is an indoor microcosm of the lush landscapes of Southern China with a cascading waterfall over spectacular rockery.
     First opened in 1983, the WHITE SWAN HOTEL is one of the most recognized five star luxury hotels in China. Over the years, the hotel has received many heads of states, including Queen Elizabeth II, and is renowned for extending exceptional service to every guest.
     LEDWAY,the well-known company in LED field, with its excellent research and development technology , and reliable quality of LED lamps, was successfully won the bid of lighting project for the white swan hotel.
     Considered of the culture of white swan hotel ,and the lighting design for five-start hotel .LEDWAY has specifically designed a Lighting scheme and selected the most suitable lamps for the project.
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