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Congratulates LEDWAY joined China MIIT LED Lighting Technolo

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    Recently, the Tenth General Assembly of MIIT LED Lighting Technology Standard Department was held in BeiJing. Examined and Selected by experts and members, LEDWAY be the one of ten which is the member of MIIT LED Lighting Technology Standard Department with the votes percentage as high as 95.83%. After that, the assembly formally approving LEDWAY be the new member.

    At the assembly, R&D Director of LEDWAY Mr.Wang JinLin gave a great talk. He detailedly introduced the situation of LEDWAY, scale and industry developmental situation, project achievement, research achievement, technology innovations and Zhaga standard promotion and application. After Mr.Wang’s reporting, everyone thought highly of LEDWAY and welcome to the MIIT LED Lighting Technology Standard Department. LEDWAY will further strengthen the universality and authority of China LED Technology Standard.

    Guangzhou LEDWAY Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd was found in July 2007, after 6 years of development, LEDWAY become to an influence enterprise in LED industry, and also be recognized and be higher concerned in industry. The prize that LEDWAY won is the honor and the responsibility, even though the sign of LED industry construction and a way to find the gap between different enterprises. Before that, LEDWAY already joint the Zhaga which is consisted of top-level LED manufacturers. This time, LEDWAY will provide more LED technology applications, further improved the standard system.

    As a enterprise that focus on LED industry, included LED lighting products packaging, research, sales and service etc. LEDWAY will perform duties, complete China LED lighting technology standard. And LEDWAY will also devote to technology and platform, keeping to innovation, make more contributions to China MIIT LED Lighting Technology Standard Department.

    China MIIT LED Lighting Technology Standard Department was found in  2005. The department is jointly organized by upstream and downstream of industry chain, research institution, testing organization, industry associations etc. At the assembly, the new 16 enterprises was examined, and there are 106 members in this department.